Working with Aussie


Join our team

A career at Aussie means you join a dynamic and diverse team of people who love their job, enjoy flexible working conditions and gain satisfaction from welcoming people to Australia and helping them settle into their new lives.

Our team are a highly skilled group of professionals with backgrounds from diverse industries and professions.

We have opportunities in Perth, Darwin, Gladstone, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

We seek people who share Our Values and are excited about the prospect of becoming part of our team.



The benefits of working with Aussie include:

  • Flexible hours
  • Working from home options
  • Attractive remuneration
  • Fun employee events 
  • Networking opportunities
  • The opportunity to meet people from all over the world
  • A rewarding career
  • Reward and recognition through our Aussie Stars


What our people are saying

“Happy 3rd Birthday. That is a huge reason to celebrate so congratulations Sue and to all the amazing people who have made it all possible. You are truly amazing. I am delighted to be part of such a wonderful team and I look forward to being part of many future birthday celebrations.  Cheers'ing from Sydney”
- Elana Kohn, Relocation Consultant - Sydney

“A massive Thank You to Sue for … allowing us to be part of the adventure. What amazing company, it makes me very very proud. Congrats Sue and Matt on achieving what you have in such a short amount of time. Here’s to a very very exciting 2013”
Honor Borg, Principal – Darwin