I wanted to let you know that Marcus and I and the boys are moving back to Sydney at the end of the week. Marcus’ work here has come to an end, and the company needs him now back in Sydney for new projects. We will forever be so grateful to you and your company for what you did for us to help us settle here, finding the perfect place, finding a social connection and feeling welcomed with friendly support. It will never be forgotten, as it was so much appreciated. We have loved this house for our time here in Perth, and fell in love with the community at Attadale school. In face we made some lifelong friends. All of this would not have been possible without your help in settling in our place to live. So it is with deep gratitude that I wish you continued success and prosperity.
— Jen, Moving back to Sydney

Susan really stood out with respect to the time that she made available to us. She ensured that she used the time efficiently and provided suggestions on how to use the excess time we had available. For example when she realized that we had 6 hours left of time she suggested that we spend it to obtain our WA drivers licenses. This is a task that we never would have thought to have her help with and having her assistance enabled the process to be smooth and problem free. We really appreciated this.
We relocated as a family with a baby. Susan was very accommodating in assisting us to get around and get things accomplished taking into consideration that it is a little more difficult for us with a child and the need of a car seat. Further, as mentioned previously she ensured that we received are total allotted time and that it was used on worthwhile tasks, such as obtaining a WA drivers license. These were things that we didn’t anticipate from a relocation specialist and I felt was her going above and beyond what most people would do in the same situation.
— Crabtree family, Relocating from USA

Chris is indeed very professional towards the customer. Nothing to complant :) She has been very patient listen and understand our need, she tried very best to make us happy. What suprising us was she came and pick us up at the airport on weekend and the phone respond were quick (call and SMS) anytime. Susan Lam whom served us during our previous visit is very good too.
— Chris Cheong, Relocating from Singapore
Nicky did a fantastic job. She was very helpful and attentive and was always available by phone call, SMS, and email, even on the weekends (which seems to be a big deal in Australia). She helped us find suitable property by understanding what were were looking for in a residence. She took the time to do a 3 hour walkthrough for the property condition report and spoke to the owner directly on our behalf. She made my wife feel welcome in Australia by inviting her to social events and even taking her for coffee during the move-in process. Overall she was a great consultant and I highly recommend her
— Dustin and Theresa, Relocating from USA

Susan was excellent - friendly, responsive and thorough in helping us settle into Perth. I am also really enjoying ongoing social events; it’s a great way to meet people, as we know very few people here!
— Kathryn Torpy

Pam was very supportive and a great sounding board especially when it came to finding the right daycare for our girls. It was like having my Mum there! She really took the stress out of our relocation.
— Rochelle & Scott Patten
I couldn’t have asked more from Pam. She is amazing!!!! so helpful and sweet. She made our move to Perth so easy and enjoyable. We are so happy in our new home and could not have done it without Pam. I can’t say enough how great Pam was and I will miss her! But will see her and all the team at some of the functions I can’t wait to attend. Again Pam is amazing a huge thanx to every1 at Aussie orientation.
— Jess Anselmi and Tim Mulcahy

Fantastic service. nothing too much trouble. arranged tours and to pick up and drop off family. took the time to understand our family and our needs. kerstin provides a very personal touch. We feel like we have made a friend!
— O'hara Family

Chris has very strong people skills, is very knowledgeable of the city and the suburbs and is willing to share the information in a manner that is easy to follow. Passion, for her work and her customers proven by her interest to help us get a house in accordance with all our conditions. Personal Touch, very flexible and open to accommodate to the different requests from customers.
— Leonardo Galeano
Kerstin is an awsome person and she knows a great deal about the area. I found her very easy to relate to and very supportive. I think she does and exceptional job and i am greatful for her help with our move. Kerstin will go above and beyond for her clients, she has great knowledge about perth and was fantastic with her advise. Kerstin was able to listen to our needs as the client and exceed expectations.
— Stefanie Sutherland

Jeff was fabulous picking us up from the airport after midnight on a Friday! He helped us find our Rental Car and then lead us back to our temporary accomodation and helped us get our luggage into the apartment! Pam was amazing. She knew exactly what kind of housing we were looking for and took the time to tour us around the city and show us each of the suburbs to make sure we would like living in the area before looking at actual units. This really helped us make our decision. When we had concerns, Pam was quick in making contact with different realtors and communicating back to us! We found the perfect home because of Pam! Pam truly took the time to get to know my husband & I so that she would be sure that she advised us if the best suburbs to live in. She gave us a tour of the city and helped us understand the WA housing market better so that we could ask the right questions. Pam was able to secure viewings at units that I couldn’t find on the internet and ended up finding the perfect home for us. I recommend her highly for an Award! She made this transition so much easier on us!
— Amanda Ramsey

Thank you to you and your team for all your sensational efforts this year. There certainly has been some challenging cases, and as always you have been able to secure homes for all parties and assist in the vital transition stage of life in Australia. During my busiest time, knowing Aussie Orientation was on the job reduced the pressure and stress of so many arrivals in such a short period of time. Our new employees arriving from all over the world were so grateful for your service and guidance.

Your team is exceptional Sue, they help you sustain your outstanding reputation in the market place. I hope the growth of your business into other parts of Australia goes well in 2013.
— Mary-Jane Heaney, Senior Mobilisation Advisor, Downer EDI Mining Pty Ltd
Following on from our discussion we had this morning. I am attaching the details of Sue Pember who is a relocation / orientation services provider specializing in the Perth market.

From my own personal experience we used another relocation provider when we first moved to Perth & after 7 weeks we still had not found anything. We then started to use Sue & within 48hrs we had the listings of 2 suitable houses neither of which were on the market as yet, we looked through them & proceeded to sign a lease on one of those properties. Sue has excellent contacts in the local market here in Perth & understands peoples requirements & is able to meet expectations. I would thoroughly recommend her for any relocation / Orientation activities that your company requires as part of the Fiona Stanley Program.
— Marcus and Jennifer

As soon as I arrived in Perth, Susan was able to assist me immediately. She provided a handy welcome package and was able to find my needs right from the get go. Her endless supply of contacts and resources saw me into a home within a week. Susan went above what was required to secure me a top dollar place at a bargain. Her outstanding social and negotiation skills saw me with a very ‘trendy’ place in my most desired location with plenty if coin leftover in my back pocket. I could not thank Susan enough for making my transition such a simple task, even by organising my personal needs and putting me in touch with people. Thankyou Susan!
— Justin Hill

Thank Sue,

I’ve filled in the feedback form, and left what I hope is some glowing feedback for Susan. I think the service you guys offer is fantsactic and am really pleased my company engages you and offers this support to relocatees like myself.
Yes, I do hope to stay in contact and look forward to seeing the team at future social events.
— Ken
I would like to take this opportunity to also thank all of you at POS (Perth Orientation Services) for an excellent service, especially Susan - whose help and advise has been invaluable. The service did exactly what we were looking for, i.e., help ease the transition into a new city for me and my family. POS (Perth Orientation Services) came recommended to me and I will definelty be recommending you on to others.
— Saleem and Family

I would like to take a moment to bring to your attention the outstanding effort that Pam Chamberlain put forth in helping me get settled in here in Perth. Her pleasant attitude, thoughtfulness and devotion to my needs was truly a blessing. The other wise overwhelming and tedious tasks of finding a suitable home, banking, tax ID # and all else involved with settling in to a new country with no immediate contact or associations to turn to for help and advice, was made easy by Ms. Chamberlain’s professionalism and a unique sense of caring for her fellow man. Ms. Chamberlain is truly a credit to your agency and someone I will always call my friend.
— Allan R. Edholm, QA Coordinator | Saipem Leighton Consortium

Kerstin is absolutely top class. We feel like we’ve known her for years. One of the nicest people we’ve ever met. Her support has been well over and above the call of duty. Our kids miss her so we know that’s a measure of her success.
— Jason Zeb
I just wanted to express my gratitude to Pam for the excellent assistance that she provided myself and my family during our transition to Perth. Due to Pams advice and experience we have relocated into a house and suburb that we are very pleased with and the process was made an enjoyable event by Pam’s nature.

Please thank her for all her assistance.
— Mark Spud Tait

My wife and Myself would like to convey our unbelievable satisfaction that Karen has afforded us in getting settled in our New Home place “Perth Australia !” To our amazement, she was waiting for us at the airport after a gruelling 30 hour trip of which was my wife’s first time to fly. She was very active during our time of getting settled, setting appointments, giving us local information and most of all, Calming my wife’s concerns of a new culture, location and lifestyle of this beautiful city. I should only wish the future visitors to Perth are welcomed and made to feel as comfortable as she has for us. Again thank you for allowing Karen to be there for us.
— James and Shelia Goldman

Our family has lived in various locations outside the US for 20 years. We had never seen a hot rental market like Perth, where property managers often didn’t return phone calls, using text messages to advise properties had already been rented. We were working full time to schedule and view even one property per working day. Our first and second applications failed against multiple applicants.

Then came Sue and company. Sue got us multiple property viewings per day. The properties were more suitable for us. For the first time we were seeing homes we could imagine living in.

Sue’s knowledge and contacts in the industry were invaluable. Sue also advised us what additional documents could be used to improve acceptance during the application process, then followed up on the applications for us. We moved in to a house we love, within our companies relocation time limit.
— Alan and Linda
Sue is an expert in the Perth real estate market. She got to understand my personal need before doing the research in the market, took me to properties as soon as they became available, and closely followed up with the real estate agent on application progress. With her help, I was able to secure a nice apartment within my budget.

She has also helped me with other relocation needs, such as transferring my driver’s license to WA, providing supports with local knowledge. Her personalized assistance has made the relocation process much easier on my end.

I would highly recommend POS to people who are new to Perth/Australia, which will be a great experience to start a new life.
— Teresa

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Perth Orientation Services (POS) for a job well done. everything was good and went according to plan and it was hassle free. i got up to speed since day one and everything felt good. Me and my family appreciate what you did and we have no qualms. Many thanks to Emma, she was great and she did put in a good shift into helping us. The family is loving it and we are up to speed. hoping to meet you soon.

God bless you
— Andrew, Monica & the kids

When GE Oil & Gas transferred me to Perth I was a bit worried on how I would be able to get a suitable home and settle in especially knowing that my wife and I just had our first child, and I had to start work even before arriving.

When I first met Sue I felt very relaxed not only because she has a warm character but because the first thing she said to me is that “don’t worry Ali I will look after your wife and baby and take them around and show them houses and everything while you do your work” that for me or I guess for any Project Manager is words from heaven.

For me and my family Perth Orientation Services are not just a company helping you find a suitable accommodation but Sue and her team put in the personal touch and become like family, she looked after my wife and baby as if she was family and not only showed us homes but also helped my wife with finding suitable things for our baby.

I have and will continue to recommend Sue Pember to anyone who needs a helping hand when relocating to Australia.

My family and I would to thank you and your services for helping us settle and get the home we wanted with the great view as well.
— Ali, Nuha & Leanne Badreddine, Project Manager – GE Oil & Gas
As a real estate company specialising in executive property management our business revolves around providing executive property rentals for relocating clients.

I have had on many occasions to deal with relocation agents within the Perth market and found Sue Pember from Perth Orientation Services to be one of the most professional and effective operators.

Sue has a solid network of contacts within the real estate industry which gives her an edge in securing property. She has a distinct advantage in sourcing property which is not publicly advertised due to her network of contacts and good rapport with real estate agents in the industry. I personally afford Sue and her clients preference in dealings and send new property details to Sue before they are publicly advertised.

Apart from this Sue has a great knowledge of the executive leasing industry and offers great negotiation skills and guidance to her clients.

I recommend Sue and Perth Orientation Services to anyone in need of relocation services.
— Rhett Brown, Business Manager, Executive Property

When the excitement of moving to Australia settled down our concerns raised regarding how we were going to do it.

Luckily Perth Orientation Services were waiting in the wings and were deployed to help unravel what lay ahead. After a brief visit to Perth and meeting Pam and Sue they started their search for property and schools to meet our requirements. The information we received was excellent and really helpful choosing a location to stay in Perth along with all the other sundry items that needs sorting out.

Pam met us at the airport on arrival and spent a lot of time showing us around and helped us settle inPam met us at the airport on arrival and spent a lot of time showing us around and helped us settle in, nothing was a problem day or night.

The service was excellent in all ways and Sue and Pam have become family friends.
— Paul Fairley, Commercial Manager, LEIGHTON CONTRACTORS PTY LIMITED

Sue helped me settle into my new job in Perth, Australia by being extremely helpful, insightful and knowledgeable about the cities social and economic situation, the housing market and everything else I needed to know in order to help me, and my wife, settle down quickly and trouble free.

I would highly recommend Sue’s services as she is a tiresome and studious worker with a huge personality, but most of all she is a great person to know, and I couldn’t think of a better person to welcome you to these shores
— Philip Thrower, Senior Cartographer, Whelans Pty Ltd
It’s a pleasure to work with Sue. She is one of those rare people who does things not because she has to, but rather out of deep-seated selflessness and generosity of spirit. It’s obvious that she is keen to show people the best part of her city and to make the process of relocation as painless as possible. I was very impressed by the small (and not-so-small) and very helpful details she looked after throughout my move. Sue is a genuinely nice person as well, and from the moment she arrived to pick me up at the airport at 3am, I have been consistently impressed by her knowledge of Perth and her considerate nature. Thanks for everything!
— Ryan Graham, Field Engineer, GE Oil and Gas

Perth Orientation Services provides a phenomenal service to anyone relocating to Perth. My partner and I moved to Perth, from Canada, at the end of November 2010 and where amazed to see how fierce the rental and accommodation market is. Upon our arrival Sue showed us around the city, and we began discussing our needs and wants. Sue is extremely knowledgeable about Perth and could answer, with out bias, virtually any question we had, day or night, weekday or weekend. Perth Orientation Services has your best interest in mind, and will simplify your transition from anywhere.

Sue is very well respected in the Relocation / Orientation Business Community, and has a great working relationship with Short Stay Accommodations and Property Managers throughout the city. Sue is a genuine person who has a great personality and will earn your trust and respect within minutes.

I would not hesitate to recommend Perth Orientation Services and can be contacted directly if needed.
— Colby T. Hauser, Senior Consultant, Industry Capability Network, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of WA

Further to our conversation today and as a way of introduction I have copied Sue Pember the director of Perth Orientation Services into this correspondence. To reiterate; after unsuccessfully securing a home ourselves, we undertook the services of Perth Orientation Services through a recommendation. As you are aware the rental market is particularly competitive at present and we were having several problems in securing a place despite having the assistance of a relocation consultant.

Within three hours of engaging Sue, I received a number of e-mails with potential properties and other useful information. We then met the following morning where she gave me a very comprehensive analysis of the property market in Perth and other relevant documentation. She is extremely professional and personable and made me feel at ease in the assurance that we would find a great home. Throughout that day and night she sent texts and e-mails with further properties and invitations to events with other families who have also recently arrived in Perth. Within 48 hours we had signed a lease to a great property and we are extremely happy.

Both Richard and I very grateful to Sue and her company for assisting us in securing a property and would have no issues in recommending her to any new arrivals to Perth. I am more than happy to send you a separate e-mail outlining our discussions of today if necessary.
— Kate and Ric Cowley, KJV
When Leighton Contractors asked me to move from the UK to Perth, to be their Construction Manager for the Gorgon Jetty Project , I was not so much worried about the job but more so the prospect of finding houses, cars and all that’s goes with upping sticks and moving to a new Country, it seemed daunting, don’t worry the company said we will appoint a Relocation agent to look after you. I was initially sceptical but 10 minutes after meeting Sue Pember my mind was at ease. I must confess to have been a difficult and fussy customer, looking at every option under the sun as is my nature, before making a decision.

Sue Pember and Perth Orientation Services were patient, understanding and made me feel very welcome, nothing seemed to be too much trouble. After getting to know me they were quickly able to advise type of property, rent / buy options, locations and much more that best suited me and my family’s needs.

They were also able to assist in setting up bank account, finding cars, financial services, basically all I needed.

Eventually even I have managed to relocate and its mainly due to the efforts of my first Australian friend – Sue Pember.

I have no hesitation what so ever recommending their services to other imports such as myself or Companies wishing that; after all they have expended in recruiting staff that they settle and stay with them.
— Mark Patterson, Construction Manager (Marine) | Saipem Leighton Consortium
Our family moved from Sydney to Perth in June 2010. Prior to us relocating Sue from POS (Perth Orientation Services) discussed all of our specific family and individual needs and offered advice to us based upon our initial thoughts and requirements. Sue’s experience in Real Estate and her professionalism meant that within a few days of arriving we had located and secured a house that met our needs (and budget) in the catchment area of a specific school.

Her local knowledge has enabled us to relocate and to settle with as minimal disruption to our family as possible and our two sons particularly enjoy all the great parks that Perth has to offer that Sue has directed us too.

We found POS (Perth Orientation Services) to be very professional and very personal company, who listened to our specific needs and focused on delivering these in a very timely and proficient manner. We would recommend Sue to any family or individual considering the move to the Perth area.
— Tony Matthews, Deputy Construction Manager (Marine) | Saipem Leighton Consortium
When we initially decided to move to Perth from the UK, we were very excited but anxious by the thought of doing it! We really didn’t know where to begin, there was so much to do and think about.

We were introduced to Sue Pember six months before we landed into Perth in July 2010 and she put us at ease by giving us informative e-mail support prior to our arrival. This really reduced our anxiety and we were so glad we had Sue to help us organise ourselves regarding the big move!

Sue made the move to a new country so much easier.Sue made the move to a new country so much easier. Within a few days we had bought cars, found a lovely home to rent and settled into Australian life so quickly. Sue is very friendly, caring and a wonderful lady who we would recommened to anyone moving to Perth. We are so grateful for all the support and reassurance she has given us and continues to do so. Thank you so much!!!
— Parul and Sanjay

We have visited and lived in many countries but we have never found or got services like Perth Orientation Services. They are very professional, precise and prompt in their service. In one week we felt we are already settled in Perth. From finding an apartment to tax administration to the right grocery shop, daycare and for good eating out places every information is given to us. Sue and Anne are very good and we are very satisfied with their services. Cannot ask for more. Thanks for everything.
— Martijn Van het Kaar, Senior Project Manager | Saipem Leighton Consortium

We arrived in Perth during April 2010.

After viewing a few houses on my own, being disappointed every time and getting down-in-the dumps about the house-hunting thing, I was fortunate to hear about Sue and the help she could offer me.

Within two days Sue arranged to meet with me and I had the opportunity to explain the urgency of the matter and what I was looking for in a house.

Sue’s warm and friendly personality makes it easy to explain what you want and then she immediately determines which houses will be worth it to view.

Although she was fully booked with other clients and could not view every house I was interested in with me, she cared enough to frequently send me addresses and pictures of houses which she thought I might be interested in.

Via e-mail she kept contact and supported me until I found a house.

Sue met my husband only once, but in our house we consider Sue as a friend and not just someone who helped us house-hunting.

Many thanx Sue!!
— Herman and Michelle Jacobs
When we decided to move from South Australia to Western Australia one our greatest concerns was finding accommodation that suited us and our family needs. Engaging Sue Pember was the best thing we could have done. We began to gain some local insight from a local person regarding where to live, where the best value for money was within our budget.

Sue from Perth Orientation services met with us and took an initial assessment to see what our needs were, from there she searched tirelessly for a property to suit our needs. Her background in real estate helped us with sourcing the best property for our family and negotiating a lease with the real estate company that was financially beneficial for us.

Sue also considered our transport arrangements to and from work. The results were fantastic. We moved into our house on the exact day we needed to, the contracts had all been negotiated for us and were waiting for our signatures. It couldn’t have been easier.

Sue’s local knowledge of Perth put us onto the best local facilities and activities to do as a family which helped us to settle in quickly. We are very grateful for the service this company provides and made the transition to a new state quick and easy for us.

— Rob Hannaford and Rebekah Kent, BLH Engineering & Construction

When we took the decision to come to Perth from South America, knowing that we will have an Orientation Services really relaxed us!

We started our communication with Sue Pember a couple of months before we landed into Perth in August 2010 and she was very helpful and supportive by giving us all the information and answers we had via e-mail prior to our arrival: houses, day cares, rental information, shops, and even weather!

It was very nice having Sue at Perth airport waiting for us, we felt we are not alone!

She helped us know our way around in Perth and even open a bank account.
Sue is very friendly, and still now when we need any advise, no worries!! Sue will help us... Thank you so much!!!
— Eyal and Joyce, TSG Consulting