Cultural Training


Aussie’s range of cost effective training and coaching programs improve business effectiveness by reducing cross-cultural miscommunication, build and retain high performing cross cultural teams and ensure employees receive a smooth transition into Australian businesses.

Inter-cultural Learning and Development Programs

  • Expatriate Inbound & Outbound Workshops
  • A Guide to Living & Working in Australia
  • Doing Business in [country]
  • Children's Transitioning Workshops (8yrs & Over)
  • Repatriation Programs
  • Cross-cultural Conflict Management  
  • Inter-cultural Awareness Programs
  • Leading and Building Cross-Culture Teams
  • Working in Cross-Culture Teams

Coaching & Consultancy

  • Cross cultural Learning and Development Consultancy
  • Career Coaching for International Assignees and Trailing Partners Packages
  • Business English Programs
  • Spouse Language Programs

Aussie OS  provides a range of cultural transition workshops which help bridge the gap between cultures, help managers lead increasingly diverse teams and help teams maximise the value diversity brings.

We also offer one on one coaching to assist you perform at your very best within the Australian business culture or to manage multicultural teams.

Living and Working in Australia

This interactive workshop provides new arrivals with an essential guide to help you settle into the Australian lifestyle and business culture by:

  • Providing you with essential information about Australian history, culture and lifestyle
  • Exploring your culture and considering similarities and differences
  • Understanding the stages of culture shock and developing strategies to recognise and overcome each stage
  • Exploring Australian business culture and expectations
  • Connecting you with other new arrivals and sharing experiences

By taking the time to consider the impact of relocation, and the differences within the Australian culture, you'll be better equipped to deal with the emotional journey of working and living abroad.

This workshop will be provided free of charge to Aussie Orientation clients including partners and children over 16 years of age.

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