Club Aussie


On-going meet & greets with other new arrivals and support workshops with our team is surely to put you on the right track to building new networking opportunities and setting step to a successful relocation journey. 

Enhance your relocation experience!Club Aussie is a professional and social ongoing support program designed to welcome newcomers and to assist them with a successful transition into Australian Culture.
Club Aussie provides members invitations to over 100 social events a year, with a range of activities including:


  • New School Transitioning

  • Guide to Living & Working in Australia,

  • Career Coaching


  • BBQ Meet & Greets,

  • Mothers Group,

  • Book Club,

  • Wine Club,

  • Sports Clinics & many more


Access to 24/7 local advice and knowledge from a team of experienced “locals”


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Talent Management


Aussie has engaged the professional services of an Intercultural Consultant and Career/Life Coach who is able to provide one on one coaching sessions to assist trailing partners/spouses with any of the following: understanding the adjustment phases, groups to join, understanding local job market, job search, CV assistance, interview techniques and networking opportunities.  

  • Pre-session questionnaire - clearly identifying your skills, experience and knowledge as well as needs, desires and concerns regarding employment in the local market. 

  • Career/life coaching - setting career goals.  If there are concerns and potential barriers identified in the assessment then some coaching may be suggested to assist in finding some career options.

  • Overview of the local employment market relevant to the field.  Navigating the local market - the process of finding a job in Perth.  Applicable businesses in the field.

  • Creating a stand out CV - review and advice on CV relevant to the local employment market.  

  • Accessing the hidden job market and recruiters.  Who to contact? Relevant recruiters, online sites and other approaches.

  • Networking opportunities. Who to mix with? - Information on networking opportunities, using you contacts.

  • Interviewing styles and techniques - answering questions, interviewing styles, what not to say.  Tips and role-playing.

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