Diana Lewin

Cultural Trainer | Facilitator | Career Coach

B.A. University of Natal (South Africa)

Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management, University of Cape Town (South Africa)

Diana has a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Post – Graduate Honours Diploma in Human Resources Management.

Diana is a Human Resources specialist with over 20 years of experience in the Human Resources field. Her experience has predominately been in facilitation, training and development, coaching and organisational change, with specific focus on managing diversity in the workplace and cultural integration. Diana has extensive consultative and coaching experience, enabling her to assist individuals and families to work through their anxieties and concerns and to overcome practical and cultural barriers in making the transition into a different cultural environment.

In addition to working with individuals and families, Diana has done extensive work with groups and organisations to assist them in understanding and then managing cultural differences and particularly with communicating across cultures.

  • Diana originates from South Africa and has undergone several relocations from a personal perspective, as a single person, with a partner and with children.
  • Diana has lived and travelled extensively and understands first hand, the challenges faced in relocation.
  • Diana has firsthand experience of managing cultural transitions and working in multicultural teams and specialises in working with clients making these transitions, or managing others who have made these transitions.
  • Diana has assisted organisations involved in international and cross cultural job-share initiatives to improve understanding of their different communication styles and methods. Teams learn how best to operate and communicate with one another to improve comprehension, co-operation, support and outcomes.
  • Diana has worked with all levels of the organisation, different disciplines and different destinations from large cities to remote locations. Europe: UK, Germany, France, Switzerland and Holland
  • Asia: Russia, Philippines, Indonesia, India, China, Singapore and Papua New Guinea
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