Outgoing Relocation Services

We can provide assistance for your expat workforce from commencement to conclusion of the project. Using our services will enable your HR department to focus on other duties which will take the time and stress out of coordinating the following: 

Lease Termination/Cancellation

  • Assistance sending cancellation notice to landlord
  • Accompanied exit walk through on property
  • Organise bond clean
  • Dilapidation – coordinate repairs as appropriate
  • Return keys to agent
  • Recovery of security deposit
  • Mail forwarding service
  • Assist with closing bank accounts
  • Assist with closing utilities
  • Local registration – Notice of Departur

Our Outgoing Service Packages

Package 1:
Home Rental Departure
  • Upon receiving notice will contact the real estate agent advising the intended departure date and initiate the “break lease” or “diplomatic clause”.
  • Schedule for cleaning of the property as per lease requirements
  • Contact tenant to arrange a time to perform exit PCR
  • Work with the real estate agent to go through and rectify any issues that may arise. Acting on the COMPANY’S behalf to ensure as much bond as possible to be returned to COMPANY
  • Assist with disconnection of services and finalizing utility accounts
  • Correspond with COMPANY keeping up to date on progress and ensuring all cleaning and exit inspections carried out within the 7-day time frame from vacate.
Package 2:
Home Goods Assistance
  • Assistance in packing and uplift
  • Arrange for disposal of unwanted goods and collection of charity items
  • Liaising with dealers for sale of cars and furniture not being taken
Package 3:
Expatriate Outbound Family Support

Programs are for expatriates entering Australia and are designed to assist the expatriate and their trailing spouse to adjust.

  • Country Overview
  • Cultural Framework
  • Business Culture
  • Daily Living
  • Cultural Shock & Adjustment


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