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We know it takes time to adjust to a new home – let alone a whole new city!

With Aussie Orientation Services, you will not only receive effective relocation support, but personalised adjustment assistance regardless of your situation. 

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Ali, Nuha & Leanne Badreddine

Project Manager – GE Oil & Gas


"When GE Oil & Gas transferred me to Perth I was a bit worried on how I would be able to get a suitable home and settle in especially knowing that my wife and I just had our first child, and I had to start work even before arriving.

When I first met Sue I felt very relaxed not only because she has a warm character but because the first thing she said to me is that “don’t worry Ali I will look after your wife and baby and take them around and show them houses and everything while you do your work” that for me or I guess for any Project Manager is words from heaven.

For me and my family Perth Orientation Services are not just a company helping you find a suitable accommodation but Sue and her team put in the personal touch and became like family, she looked after my wife and baby as if she was family and not only showed us homes but also helped my wife with finding suitable things for our baby.

I have and will continue to recommend Sue Pember to anyone who needs a helping hand when relocating to Australia.

My family and I would to thank you and your services for helping us settle and get the home we wanted with the great view as well.”

“Sue and her team became like family.”

— Ali Badreddine


Mark Patterson

Construction Manager (Marine) | Saipem Leighton Consortium


“When Leighton Contractors asked me to move from the UK to Perth, to be their Construction Manager for the Gorgon Jetty Project, I was not so much worried about the job but more so the prospect of finding houses, cars and all that’s goes with upping sticks and moving to a new Country, it seemed daunting, don’t worry the company said we will appoint a Relocation agent to look after you.

I was initially sceptical but 10 minutes after meeting Sue Pember my mind was at ease. I must confess to have been a difficult and fussy customer, looking at every option under the sun as is my nature, before deciding.

Sue Pember and Perth Orientation Services were patient, understanding and made me feel very welcome, nothing seemed to be too much trouble. After getting to know me they were quickly able to advise type of property, rent / buy options, locations and much more that best suited me and my family’s needs.

They were also able to assist in setting up bank account, finding cars, financial services, basically all I needed. Eventually even I have managed to relocate and its mainly due to the efforts of my first Australian friend – Sue Pember. I have no hesitation what so ever recommending their services to other imports such as myself or Companies wishing that; after all they have expended in recruiting staff that they settle and stay with them.”

“I have no hesitation recommending their services.”

— Mark Patterson


Rob Hannaford and Rebekah Kent

BLH Engineering & Construction


“When we decided to move from South Australia to Western Australia one our greatest concerns were finding accommodation that suited us and our family needs. Engaging Sue Pember was the best thing we could have done. We began to gain some local insight from a local person regarding where to live, where the best value for money was within our budget.

Sue from Perth Orientation services met with us and took an initial assessment to see what our needs were, from there she searched tirelessly for a property to suit our needs. Her background in real estate helped us with sourcing the best property for our family and negotiating a lease with the real estate company that was financially beneficial for us.

Sue also considered our transport arrangements to and from work. The results were fantastic. We moved into our house on the exact day we needed to, the contracts had all been negotiated for us and were waiting for our signatures. It couldn’t have been easier.

Sue’s local knowledge of Perth put us onto the best local facilities and activities to do as a family which helped us to settle in quickly. We are very grateful for the service this company provides and made the transition to a new state quick and easy for us.”

“The results were fantastic... It couldn't have been easier."

— Rob Hannaford and Rebekah Kent