“When GE Oil & Gas transferred me to Perth I was a bit worried on how I would be able to get a suitable home and settle in especially knowing that my wife and I just had our first child, and I had to start work even before arriving.

When I first met Sue I felt very relaxed not only because she has a warm character but because the first thing she said to me is that “don’t worry Ali I will look after your wife and baby and take them around and show them houses and everything while you do your work” that for me or I guess for any Project Manager is words from heaven.

For me and my family Perth Orientation Services are not just a company helping you find a suitable accommodation but Sue and her team put in the personal touch and become like family, she looked after my wife and baby as if she was family and not only showed us homes but also helped my wife with finding suitable things for our baby.

I have and will continue to recommend Sue Pember to anyone who needs a helping hand when relocating to Australia. My family and I would to thank you and your services for helping us settle and get the home we wanted with the great view as well.”

— Ali, Nuha & Leanne Badreddine, Project Manager – GE Oil & Gas

Emily LawComment