“When Leighton Contractors asked me to move from the UK to Perth, to be their Construction Manager for the Gorgon Jetty Project, I was not so much worried about the job but more so the prospect of finding houses, cars and all that’s goes with upping sticks and moving to a new Country, it seemed daunting, don’t worry the company said we will appoint a Relocation agent to look after you. I was initially sceptical but 10 minutes after meeting Sue Pember my mind was at ease. I must confess to have been a difficult and fussy customer, looking at every option under the sun as is my nature, before deciding.

Sue Pember and Perth Orientation Services were patient, understanding and made me feel very welcome, nothing seemed to be too much trouble. After getting to know me they were quickly able to advise type of property, rent / buy options, locations and much more that best suited me and my family’s needs.

They were also able to assist in setting up bank account, finding cars, financial services, basically all I needed. Eventually even I have managed to relocate and its mainly due to the efforts of my first Australian friend – Sue Pember. I have no hesitation what so ever recommending their services to other imports such as myself or Companies wishing that; after all they have expended in recruiting staff that they settle and stay with them.”

— Mark Patterson, Construction Manager (Marine) | Saipem Leighton Consortium

Emily LawComment