“Further to our conversation today and as a way of introduction I have copied Sue Pember the director of Perth Orientation Services into this correspondence. To reiterate; after unsuccessfully securing a home ourselves, we undertook the services of Perth Orientation Services through a recommendation. As you are aware the rental market is particularly competitive at present and we were having several problems in securing a place despite having the assistance of a relocation consultant. 

Within three hours of engaging Sue, I received several e-mails with potential properties and other useful information. We then met the following morning where she gave me a very comprehensive analysis of the property market in Perth and other relevant documentation. She is extremely professional and personable and made me feel at ease in the assurance that we would find a great home. Throughout that day and night, she sent texts and e-mails with further properties and invitations to events with other families who have also recently arrived in Perth. Within 48 hours we had signed a lease to a great property and we are extremely happy. 

Both Richard and I very grateful to Sue and her company for assisting us in securing a property and would have no issues in recommending her to any new arrivals to Perth. I am more than happy to send you a separate e-mail outlining our discussions of today if necessary.”

— Kate and Ric Cowley, KJV

Emily LawComment