“Susan really stood out with respect to the time that she made available to us. She ensured that she used the time efficiently and provided suggestions on how to use the excess time we had available. For example, when she realized that we had 6 hours left of time she suggested that we spend it to obtain our WA drivers licenses. This is a task that we never would have thought to have her help with and having her assistance enabled the process to be smooth and problem free. We really appreciated this.

We relocated as a family with a baby. Susan was very accommodating in assisting us to get around and get things accomplished taking into consideration that it is a little more difficult for us with a child and the need of a car seat. Further, as mentioned previously she ensured that we received are total allotted time and that it was used on worthwhile tasks, such as obtaining a WA driver’s license. These were things that we didn’t anticipate from a relocation specialist and I felt was her going above and beyond what most people would do in the same situation.”

— Crabtree family, Relocating from USA

Emily LawComment