“We arrived in Perth during April 2010. After viewing a few houses on my own, being disappointed every time and getting down-in-the dumps about the house-hunting thing, I was fortunate to hear about Sue and the help she could offer me.

Within two days Sue arranged to meet with me and I had the opportunity to explain the urgency of the matter and what I was looking for in a house. Sue’s warm and friendly personality makes it easy to explain what you want and then she immediately determines which houses will be worth it to view.

Although she was fully booked with other clients and could not view every house I was interested in with me, she cared enough to frequently send me addresses and pictures of houses which she thought I might be interested in. Via e-mail she kept contact and supported me until I found a house.

Sue met my husband only once, but in our house, we consider Sue as a friend and not just someone who helped us house-hunting. Many thanx Sue!!”

— Herman and Michelle Jacobs

Emily LawComment