Aussie has engaged the professional services of an Intercultural Consultant and Career/Life Coach who is able to provide one on one coaching sessions to assist trailing partners/spouses with any of the following: understanding the adjustment phases, groups to join, understanding local job market, job search, CV assistance, interview techniques and networking opportunities.  

The following areas are offered and all or some of these areas may be covered:

  • Pre-session questionnaire - clearly identifying your skills, experience and knowledge as well as needs, desires and concerns regarding employment in the local market.  Concerns may be language, cultural issues, professional recognition etc. or not know what direction to take.

  • Career/life coaching - setting career goals.  If there are concerns and potential barriers identified in the assessment then some coaching may be suggested to assist in finding some career options.  Once career goals are set then the following steps can be carried out.  (This step may be missed if goals are clear and realistic upon assessment.)  

  • Overview of the local employment market relevant to the field.  Navigating the local market - the process of finding a job in Perth.  Applicable businesses in the field.

  • Creating a stand out CV - review and advice on CV relevant to the local employment market.  

  • Accessing the hidden job market and recruiters.  Who to contact? Relevant recruiters, online sites and other approaches.

  • Networking opportunities. Who to mix with? - Information on networking opportunities, using you contacts.

  • Interviewing styles and techniques - answering questions, interviewing styles, what not to say.  Tips and role-playing.

The consultant would schedule the first session which is usually three hours and this would be tailored to the needs of the spouse, then additional sessions may be recommended.  


Needs Analysis – 1 hour $180 + GST face to face or phone (includes questionnaire)

3 hour session - $460+GST