Why Bicton is the best...

I am often asked ‘what are the best suburbs of Perth?’. As I have a long history in helping people move to Perth from overseas and interstate through my relocation business AussieOS.com.au , my answer is always ‘Well Bicton of course’. The reason why this is the best suburb in Perth to live and / or buy is because it is where I have chosen to live.

Now I must admit there are a few factors that make me a bit biased and make Bicton the perfect fit for me and my family. This includes my husbands job being based in Fremantle and one of my offices being based in Bicton, but there are a few other reasons too.

Point Walter and Bicton Baths

The suburb of Bicton is nestled between these two magnificent parklands that I am able to walk to. Previously we had lived in Palmyra and Willagee and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the ability to be able to walk to the river and the bushland area surrounding Blackwall Reach with not having to cross any main roads or jump in the car.

Proximity to Fremantle

Fremantle is on the verge of great growth with the Kings Square development. It is the largest public-private infrastructure project in Fremantle's history. A precinct-wide renewal of the Freo city centre with project partners Sirona Capital and the City of Fremantle redeveloping the buildings and public spaces in Kings Square. This redevelopment will accommodate an estimated 1500 public servants with room to house many more companies and their workers and provide 2,100 new local jobs and inject an estimated $358m into the local economy. This development with the addition of more high density living will get the sleepy city back on track for growth and prosperity.


In Bicton we not only have our Bicton Baths area we are also just a short drive to Port and Leighton Beaches. Our closeness to this precinct often makes me feel Bicton is under-valued when compared to Suburbs of Mosman Park and Claremont. But it may not stay that way for long as it was one of the top 10 highest growing suburbs in 2017 up 17.3%, whist I find this data can we misleading not taking into account many factors there is no doubt quality properties do not last on the market very long at all.

Local Attractions - Fremantle - Bathers Beach

The Community

I am lucky enough to run a local community Facebook page and am the Bicton Primary School P&C President. Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to meet so many of our locals and a truly believe that there are some wonderful gems that call this fantastic suburb home. Just take the wonderful late Colin from 21 Pembroke St for example on my way to work or back I would often have a chat with Colin about life he loved Bicton and often spoke of all the changes he’d seen since he built his home in 1961. The Bicton Primary School parents are also brilliant always supporting each other, especially a working parents like me that get stuck in meetings and are late for pick up. Because of the number of different coffee shops scattered throughout Bicton you will always find a local keen for a chat.

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