7 Reasons why Perth is great.

Why should you choose Perth as a city to live in?

 Perth is on the western side of Australia and is referred to as a ‘big country town’.

I, myself moved to Perth almost 8 years ago from New Zealand and have not regretted the decision once. Here are a few reasons I love Perth:

1. The weather – for a good 9 months of the year, the weather is amazing! You can visit the beach, go for walks outside, have picnics in the park and explore nature. While every day is not hot enough to swimming, it is still nice to be able to get out of the house without having to dress like an Eskimo.

2. The beaches – what’s not to love above picturesque turquoise water and kilometres upon kilometres of golden sand. There are no many different types of beaches in Perth, whether you like a nice quiet beach to just paddle in the water, a beach with waves, or a beach where you can explore the rock pools there is always something for you.


 3. The lifestyle – Perth is different to big cities when it comes to lifestyle. It is a really great place to live! The lifestyle is relaxing and not too stressful. The traffic isn’t too bad compared to the big cities and with lots of trains and buses, it is easy to get around. And if you are looking for somewhere with come culture, there is always something new happening that you can get involved with.

4. Exercise opportunities – whether you are into running, walking, cycling, paddle boarding, climbing, indoor sports, CrossFit, swimming (just to name a few), then Perth has it all. And for all those outdoor sports, the weather is usually nice enough to do this.

5. The surrounds – There are so many great places to explore just hours out of Perth. You have Margaret River and Dunsborough to the south, which offers a beautiful wine region, a rustic coastline and the opportunity to get up close and personal with lots of wildlife including stingrays. And to the North you have Moore River, Jurien Bay and Cervantes to name a few, with gorgeous beaches, great surfing, four wheel driving and camping. A fantastic place to go and hang out with your friends on a weekend off. Of course if you don’t mind a slightly longer drive you can head up to Monkey Mia or Shark bay for some fishing and to swim with the dolphins.

6. The people – everyone is so welcoming and the community feeling in Perth is still alive and well. It is such a great feeling to be a part of somewhere where you feel supported by the community around you and be able to get out and meet lots of great new people.

7. Big City with a small town feel - With all the perks of a big city; infrastructure, transportation, big businesses, employment opportunities, and much more, you can still enjoy a small town feel. There is a great sense of community in Perth with lots of local markets, community events, fresh fruit and veggie markets and support of local business. There is always something to do, giving you an opportunity to try new things, meet your local community and make new friends.

These are just a few reasons why I love Perth.

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Corrie PauwelsComment