Yvonne Mcnulty Bio

Dr. Yvonne McNulty, PhD, holds a doctoral degree in international business from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. A member of the International Journal of Human Resource Management and Global Business and Organizational Excellence Editorial Advisory Boards, she is also an associate editor at the Journal of Global Mobility, a leading authority on expatriate ROI, and an expert in the field of expatriation. Dr. McNulty has held academic appointments in Philadelphia, Singapore, and Shanghai and is currently on the faculty at Singapore Institute of Management University. A frequent contributor to several major international consultancies, such as Deloitte, Brookfield, Worldwide ERC, and Cartus, her research has been featured in The New York Times, Economist Intelligence Unit, International Herald Tribune, BBC Radio, China Daily, The Financial Times, HR Monthly, Elle Magazine, and Sydney Morning Herald, among others. Her latest book, Managing Expatriates: A Return on Investment Approach (with Kerr Inkson, Business Expert Press, 2013) was recently awarded ‘Best Thought Leadership - Survey or Research Study of the Year’ at the prestigious Expatriate Management & Mobility Awards. An Australian expatriate for nearly 15 years and raising two overseas-born children with her Scottish husband, she can be contacted at ymcnulty@expatresearch.com.