Bookclub: Wed 29th May

Z for zelda

Z, a Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler

"I wish I could tell everyone who thinks we’re ruined, Look closer…and you’ll see something extraordinary, mystifying, something real and true. We have never been what we seemed."

Everything seems new and possible. Troubles, at first, seem to fade like morning mist. But not even Jay Gatsby’s parties go on forever. Who is Zelda, other than the wife of a famous—sometimes infamous—husband? How can she forge her own identity while fighting her demons? With brilliant insight and imagination, Therese Anne Fowler brings us Zelda’s irresistible story as she herself might have told it.

When: Wed 29th May, 10:30 am Where: Swanbourne Bookcaffe, 137 Claremont Crs, Swanbourne RSVP: to Kerstin Nivbrant

Happy reading x