Zumba Masterclass - Fundraiser


Patty’s Zumba Masterclass – April 21st. It is a one off fundraiser and all proceeds will go directly to pay for medical treatment for her Patty's mother in Mexico – specifically chemo and radiation for cancer.

Patty always has a fun class – with fantastic dance music and lots of Latino influence. Whether you are a beginner, through to the more experienced, you will feel the energy and be swept up by Patty’s enthusiastic style! If you have never been to a dance or exercise class before, I am sure you will enjoy this special event. It also doesn’t matter if you come alone or with other friends – nor how old you are!!! Patty is warmly welcoming and so are her friends who get involved.

Keep in mind, it is not like an aerobics class – it doesn’t matter if you are uncoordinated, out of sync with the beat or end up facing the other way to everyone else– it is fun! It will be a great mix of music with a range of dance styles incorporated into the moves – including a little belly dancing, samba, salsa, and so much more.

What to bring? Comfy clothes, water bottle, and a smile!