5 keys things to remember when applying for a rental property!


We know relocating can be stressful enough, but combine that with applying for rental properties and it all becomes quite time consuming. There are inspections to attend, application forms to fill out and documents to submit and the trips back and forth from the real estate agency that start to make you feel like a virus in a ping pong match!  But that doesn't have to be the way! Why? Because you are with Aussie! Our team of relocation consultants can help take that pain away, nail the application and get your family into your new home without spending your valuable time and eliminate unnecessary hair loss. Here are 5 keys things to remember when applying for a rental property!

1. Submit a complete application - don't leave any blank spaces, eg. If there is no rental history, include home ownership details.

2. Supply plenty of supportive documents - eg. rental agreements & ledgers or rates notices if home owned.

3. Be creative to stand out - eg. including applicant & pet CV, written references from interstate/overseas contacts, increased rent offer.

4. Keep conditions to a minimum - present as an easy going tenant, not one that's hard work.

5. Be courteous to property managers - and when following up, allow them breathing space to process the application (2 - 3 business days), refrain from stalking and being a pesky applicant!

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