Pierre Lim-Fat Bio

Quiet Acoustics are the engineers and local manufacturer of the worlds most versatile fibre-free noise control panel, used in applications globally from the latest US warships, Australian mine site accommodation, oil and gas rig construction in Asia, through to noise cancelling whiteboards and art. This structural aluminium honeycomb sandwich panel cancels noise, and is rapidly replacing the need for fibres and foams in architectural and industrial markets globally.

Pierre Lim-Fat promotes and supplies the Quiet Acoustic product primarily in the Marine & Offshore + Oil & Gas applications, with a strong focus within the South Korean shipyards. Oil & Gas and exploration conglomerates around the world entrust the construction of highly complex Platforms, FPSO and Drillships to the 3 largest shipyards in South Korea namely: HHI (Hyundai Heavy Industries), SHI (Samsung Heavy Industries) and DSME (Daewoo Shipbuilding Marine Engineering).  

Pierre has been involved in the mechanical industry (HVAC) industry since 2003. His experience includes supply, contracting and consulting fields hence, his thorough understanding of the industry. Pierre is experienced in estimating, tender documentation, client specification verification and contracts. Examples of successful projects awarded include the HVAC supply for North Rankin ‘B’ (Woodside) and Goliat FPSO (ENI Norge). The opportunity to work with the shipyards provided him with highly valuable insight in dealing with South Korean clients.