Gish Liyanage


Gish first came to Australia as an overseas student to study Human Resource Management (HRM) and Finance at the Swinburne University, Melbourne in 1998. After completing his Bachelor of HRM in 2001, he decided to move back to Sri Lanka in 2003 to gain practical experience in Human Resource Management. He also finished his MBA in International Business from the University of Western Sydney in 2005 and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in 2009.

Gish has nearly 11 years international experience in HRM as a Generalist and has worked for different industries such as Telecommunication, IT, Outsourcing, Accounting and Oil & Gas industries. He has held different HR positions such as HR Administrator, HR Advisor, HR Manager and Senior HR Manager and worked for different multinationals based in UK, US and India. His international HRM exposure gave him the opportunity to work with different people from different backgrounds and understand different cultures and work ethics.

The highlight of his career was managing HRM for nearly 800+ employees from 2005-2008 at RR Donnelley-US based fortune 500 company.

He moved to Perth in 2009, to gain more international HRM experience and since then worked for Total Marine Technology (manufacturer of Remotely Operated Vehicle’s) in Bibra Lake, WA as a HR Advisor for nearly 4 years.

Gish’s vision is expanding his recruitment agency business, become a HR Trainer, HR Tutor and HR Consultant and change face of the Aussie HRM industry.