Ladies Golf Club

For any ladies wanting to take up a new hobby, why not try golf? We are looking for anyone who may be interested in attending golf lesson sessions. If your worried that your not at Tiger Woods' skill level yet, fear not! There will be a female golf pro assisting with the lessons! Golf is fun and a lot of ladies' husbands play, but not the ladies. In many countries it's a luxury sport, but here it's very much a social sport and we have SO many great public courses all over Perth. So if your interested in creating some pivots (holes in green made from the golf club whilst trying to swing!) please contact Kerstin.

Each clinic can take 6-10 people. It would be fantastic to see an Aussie OS' ladies golf team created! Where: Wembley Golf Course, 200 The Boulevard, Wembley Downs When: First lesson begins 1st of Feb What: 6 one-hour lessons with a female golf pro! Cost: $140 (inc clubs and balls) Please register interest with Kerstin Nivbrant!